9 Interesting Facts About Cigarettes and Smoking

In this article, we will share some facts about cigarettes and smoking which some people (or even smokers) might still not know yet. Listed below are few interesting facts we’ve discovered over our decade-long of working in the tobacco industry.


1. Tobacco manufacturing is one of the largest industry in the marketplace.

Cigarettes are the single-most traded product globally, with approximately 1 trillion being sold from countries per year. With it’s global take of more than $400 billion, it’s considered as one of the world’s largest industries. Source


2. The last cigarette TV ad in United States was aired on January 1, 1970.

US President Nixon implemented warning labels on cigarettes and banned television advertisements for cigarettes. The last date that cigarette ads were permitted on TV was extended by a day, from December 31, 1970 to January 1, 1971 to let the television networks one last cash windfall from cigarette advertising in the New Year’s Day football games. Source

3. The “Cork Tip” of a cigarette was invented in 1925.

The Hungarian inventor Boris Aivaz, patented the process of making the cigarette filter from a crepe paper. All kinds of filters were tested, although ‘cork’ is unlikely to have been one of them. Source


4. It’s NOT illegal to smoke tobacco products at any age.

Parents are within the law to allow minors to smoke, and minors are within the law to smoke tobacco products freely. Source


5. Cigarettes is 20% sugar.

Many diabetics are unaware of this secret sugar intake. Also, the effect of burning sugar within the human body is still unknown. Source


6. Smoking allows food to digest easier.

This works because our bodies’ favor protecting the blood cells and flushing toxins from the brain. Source


7. Most males can be aroused by the sight of smoking female.

It’s called the Smoking Fetish which affects a small number of the population. The reason for this is that cigarettes, particularly menthols, force the blood away from the penis if smoked while aroused. Source


8. Smoking helps you relax.

Smokers generally report a variety of after-effects such as calmness, relaxation, alertness, stimulation, concentration and many others. Smokers then use these expectations as reasons to make it a habit. Source


9. Toppings are added to the blended tobacco mix to add flavor and a unique taste.

Some uses clove, licorice, orange oil, apricot stone, lime oil, lavender oil, dill seed oil, cocoa, carrot oil, mace oil, myrrh, beet juice, bay leaf, oak, rum, vanilla, and vinegar. Source

Mighty Corporation’s Art Of Blending: A Tobacco Cigarette

To run a long-term family, strong leadership, foundation and good governance are important to keep it tight. Our Wongchuking clan has put up Mighty Corporation in the industry of Philippine tobacco manufacturing for almost 73 years.

Looking at a single stick of a cigarette could be as simple as how it looks, but it is the number of components that go into producing a cigarette is what makes it artistic and also shows the traditional smoking of many Filipinos.

In Mighty Corp, we only use quality tobacco leaves and materials in making cigarettes. This article will give you a glimpse of what and how a quality and traditional tobacco cigarettes are made of.

Below are the basic parts of a regular cigarette stick:

Cigarette Paper

The shredded and blended tobacco is rolled in a continuous cigarette paper. This keeps the dried tobacco shreds tightly enclosed. The quality of cigarette paper is determined by its burn quality, air permeability, and natural porosity. Cigarette paper itself can be, apart from normal, transparent, colored or flavored. Once this second vital element makes its way to the manufacturing facility, long sheets with glue on one end are rolled out by automated machines, filled with tobacco inside. These are then cut to pre-fed sizes.


Cigarette Filter

Made from either crepe paper, cellulose acetate fiber or activated charcoal, cigarette filters were first patented in 1925. The effectiveness of filters is measured by two specific parameters. First is its draw resistance or pressure drop and filtration efficiency. On the assembly line, pre-cut filters are attached on to the sticks of paper-rolled tobacco. At this stage of the process, the product almost looks like a complete cigarette.


Imitation Cork Tipping Paper

The filter is connected to the cigarette tip using imitation cork tip paper, a brownish yellow color paper. Traditionally, cigarettes were produced using only this material. But with the advent and importance of branding catching on, tipping paper of every size and color is being manufactured to personalize cigarettes. Mighty cigarette tip papers are printed, colored, laminated, and infused accordingly to different products of our cigarettes.


As innovation comes along, new additional features of a cigarette are also available in the market from different brands. These features are:

Capsule – it is a small flavored bead placed inside the cigarette filter. The user can crush it at a time of choosing to add flavor to the smoking experience. The most common flavor added to these capsules are the mentholated one.

Twistable moving filters – This allows the users to vary the strength of intake of the cigarette. Filters induce the smoke inhaled by the user from the dried tobacco shred.

Double-capsule – These give a stronger menthol flavor to the cigarette compared to regular ones.


Manufacturing cigarettes have different levels of the process in order to reach a quality and premium products for the market. In Might Corp, we still rely on our age-old tradition of hand blending by exquisite and premium tobacco harvest turn into cigarette as our product.

Mighty Corporation Gives Tobacco Dust To Fish Pond Owners

As tobacco manufacturer, we believe that there is more to tobacco leaves than being rolled into cigarettes. They can also be healthy and environment-friendly pesticide and organic fertilizer. In order to build a better and valuable corporate social responsibility, Mighty Corp. would also want to tap fish farmers to fully support the agricultural economy.

Fish farming also relieves the fishing pressure on natural water bodies. Just like growing crops on land farms, fish pond also have lot of enemies called predators which can kill the fish. This affects the quality of fish and also reduce the harvest. Mighty helped local fish pond owners to fight predators that infest their ponds.

For a quick response, owners and operators used chemical pesticides to combat predators and for preparation and fertilization of fish ponds. Unfortunately, this practice have been affecting the both the environment and condition of million fish consumers.

The company provided them with tobacco dust, a fish pond conditioner, to help decrease the number of predators in their ponds. It is mainly of tobacco dust, the tiny specks of dried tobacco leaves that fall off when the leaves are dried and ground in a plant. These are pulverized and treated to standardize the potency of its active ingredient, nicotine.

Many fish farmers in Pangasinan and La Union have been using tobacco when they prepare their ponds for stocking. The mortality rate of fingerlings decreased from 20% to 5%, saving fish farmers upwards of P20,000 on production.

Aside from keeping the pond healthy, tobacco is also an amazing fertilizer for the growth of natural fish food. Tobacco dust facilitates the growth of “lablab”, an algae that grows naturally on the bottom of shallow ponds that fish love to eat. Not only do the fish get access to plenty of their favorite natural food, but the farmers don’t have to buy commercial feeds. The resulting fish product has a marked increase in flavor, an essential plus for the customer.

8 Health Benefits Of Organic Tobacco

Mighty Corporation is a Filipino-owned tobacco company that is known for manufacturing traditional cigars to the market. Aside from the big contribution to the Philippine economy, Mighty Corp. have encouraged the local tobacco farmers from using organic pesticides.

Many people see cigarettes as negative substance for human health. But there are few facts about the health benefits of organic cigarettes. Organic tobacco is made without use of pesticides, fertilizer, and other substances that is commonly used with artificial tobacco. The leaves of these trees are often used as the raw materials in making cigarette by pipe or rolled in the form of cigars. It’s leaves can be chewed or swallowed or stuck to some parts of the body, and some are sucking powder tobacco through the nose to get the benefits from it.

Listed below are the top 8 surprising benefits of organic tobacco:

1. Lessen the risk of obesity

According to the study that was published in July 2011 in the Journal of Physiology & Behavior, nicotine has a substance that makes our body suppress the appetite. As an appetite-suppressant, nicotine appears to affect the work of a brain element called the hypothalamus.

2. Anti-inflammatory

Substances produced from tobacco is a type of cytokine, a protein that is able to stimulate the immune cells. This is made with the treatment and strict supervision using modern technology.

3. Prevents Parkinson and Alzheimer Disease

Organic tobacco contains nicotine that will accelerate the movement of the muscle that can prevent Parkinson Disease. It can also help regulate telomerase and suppress apoptosis which is the main cause of Alzheimer’s disease. The dose of nicotine has a short-term normalization effect on electrical activity in the brain which is good for preventing Parkinson and Alzheimer disease.

4. Improves the immune system

Since organic tobacco contains anti-inflammatory effects at multiple levels, from T-cells through CNS vagus/cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathways. It can fight against some diseases, including asthma, allergies, ulcerative colitis, IBD, colon cancer, aphthous ulcers, preeclampsia, endotoxemia, and more that happen because of the bad immune system.

5. Protects the body from free radicals

Organic tobacco contains numerous compounds as an antioxidants such as vitamin E, vitamin C, and Beta-carotene. Many of them act as antioxidants and prooxidants which are capable of producing free-radicals thus enhancing lipid peroxidation in biological membranes.

6. Heals wounds from poisonous snake bites

According to research, nicotine from organic tobacco helps relieve pain and help pull out toxins from some dangerous animals. It can also heal wounds faster from poisonous snake bites.

7. Keeps a healthy skin

Organic tobacco has a content that can produce and increase collagen that is like human collagen. Collagen has some functions that are needed to maintain a healthy skin.

8. Helps overcome headache and flu

Tobacco are considered as herbal, as long as there are no added chemicals to it. The smell of fresh organic tobacco leaves can cure chronic headaches. Tobacco powder can also be chewed in the mouth to cure the flu and prevent the virus that causes it.

Roots of Mighty Corporation

It all started from La Campana Fabrica de Tabacos Inc. which was founded by Wong Chu King and his partners Ong Lowa, Baa Dy and Ong Pay during the World War II in 1945.

Despite of the devastation of the war happening that time, they were able to build their first factory that year in Tayabas street, Manila to produce native cigarettes for the market. They are specialized from making the Philippine type tobacco which was known as matamis and regaliz. These two type of cigar was made from dark and air-cured Philippine tobacco sourced from Cagayan and Isabela province from Northern Philippines.

Their second factory was built in Pasong Tamo, Makati in 1948 and began the acquisition on 1951 of the company head office in 39 Sultana Street, Makati, Rizal, which is now 9110 Sultana Street, Olympia, Makati City.

1963 was the year when Wong Chu King founded the Tobacco Industries and transferred its manufacturing operation in Baranggay Tikay, Malolos,Bulacan in a 9-hectare property.

It was in 1965 to 1982 when the company delve in the most devastating moment in business, but with Wong Chu King’s perseverance and ingenuity they were able to reestablish its niche.

As the millennial year entered in 2001, the company expanded with their creation of its own filter-rod production, the acquisition of its first Protos machine to boost production, modernization and upgrading of its entire Lamina and Stem lines, purchase of its first modern GD packing machine that turn the firm into a fully integrated production facility in its Bulacan complex, and the first company that set up closed-circuit television cameras to closely monitor its operations in compliance with the Bureau of Internal Revenue requirements.

Mighty Corp history and foundation is the skeleton and blood of its success. Their years of existence and experience in the tobacco business industry made the company as one of the most influential and successful business in the Philippines; and was able to provide a large contribution to the economic growth for years. Below are the three elements Wong Chu King gave focus on in order to keep the business on track:



For Wong Chu King, being present and part of day-today operation of the company was his stand until his death in August 1987. The philanthropist, Nelia D. Wongchuking became the chairman of the board of trustees together with his children.


Economy of scales

Mighty produces 12 brands, competing in both high- and low-end variants against its multinational and monopolist rivals. If its rivals often wondered how it can sell its products cheaply, it’s because of its excellent practice in the economy of scales, which means, among other microeconomic variables, the reduction in the per-unit cost of production as the volume of production increases.


Corporate social responsibility

Mighty has always been active with their corporate social responsibility programs specially on charity and cultural work mainly through Wong Chu King Foundation that is managed by the children, their relatives and volunteers. They have granted more than 200 scholarships to the country’s deserving dependents and beneficiaries of the tobacco farmers.

The foundation is also focused on maintaining religious, educational structures, and non-governmental organizations and has donated immensely in restoring historical churches and those that were damaged by typhoons.

Mighty is proudly represent itself as a nationalist beacon of hope for other competing in modern business industry largely dominated monopolists and other foreign economic interests.

PBA Press Corps Annual Awards 2017 – Mighty Sports

The 25-year old guard and former Far Eastern University standout, who also became as one of the star players from GlobalPort- Terrence Romeo had a firing scoring feats in PBA with an average of 23.3 points to bag the scoring champion honor from the PBA Press Corps.

His performance made him the latest darling of Philippine basketball with an outstanding plays. One of Romeo’s highlighted performances was his 22 points by a 6-of-10 shooting against South Korea and his contribution to the national team with 96-87 victory over China last August 2017 in Lebanon. He also took the attention of FIBA where he unleashed 26 points from FIBA 2017 Asia Cup. His performance garnered hundreds of thousand of views and have been featured in its official website. Romeo also fronted as Gilas’ top scorer in the tournament with an average of 17.5 points.

Romeo was recognized with athletes and personalities from the traditional festivities staged by the country’s oldest media organization presented by MILO and Cignal TV.


PBA Press Corps Annual Awards 2017 - Mighty Sports
Terrence Romeo with Chooks to Go Bounty Agro Ventures Inc.’s Ronald Mascariñas.

With Romeo’s immerse performances that dazzled both local and international fans, he was given the title of Mr. Favorite “Manok ng Bayan” Award in the SMC-PSA Awards Night on February 27 at the Manila Hotel presented by Chooks to Go Bounty Agro Ventures Inc.’s Ronald Mascariñas. The award aims to give honor and special citation to players who left a lasting crunch both on and off the basketball court.


PBA Press Corps Annual Awards 2017 - Mighty Sports
Chris Ross receiving awards from Mighty Sports and PBA Press Corps

San Miguel Beer guard, Chris Ross- the runaway winner for the second time around for the Mighty Sports Defensive Player of the Year award also honored by the PBA Press Corps (PBAPC) from the 24th Annual Awards Night on November 30, 2017 at the Gloria Maris Restaurant in Gateway Mall. Ross head over Rain or Shine’s Gabe Norwood, Ginebra’s Japeth Aguilar, Star’s Jio Jalalon, and SMB teammate June Mar Fajardo.


PBA Press Corps Annual Awards 2017 - Mighty Sports
Chris Ross receiving awards from Mighty Sports and PBA Press Corps

Ross also received the Finals MVP during Philippine Cup with Commissioner’s Cup Finals MVP Alex Cabagnot, and Governor’s Cup counterpart, LA Tenorio.

Long honor roll of PSA- Tapa King Athlete of the Year award went to world champions Jerwin Ancajas, Krizzia Lyn Tabora, and Carlo Biado sponsored by Philippines Sports Commision (PSC) as major sponsor and fostered by Mighty Sports, Rain or shine, Globalport, and the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

3 Simple Steps To Grow Quality Tobacco For Business

One of the biggest sales and sustainable livelihood that keeps the economy grow in the is the tobacco industry. Currently, Asia pacific is the largest market for cigarettes accounting for more than 60% of the total global consumption.

Tobacco plants are not complicated to grow compare to other plants for livelihood. But the most critical part is, if you plan to invest in this business you have to understand and practice how to grow, maintain, harvest, curing of the plant. To successfully market it to the consumers, you must be proficient in doing those given steps on growing tobacco.



Tobacco is a member of the Solanaceae or nightshade family. This family includes tomato, pepper, eggplant, Irish potato, and a number of other plants. In choosing a soil to plant tobacco seeds, it should be well-drained and in a sunny location. Lack of sun will result in spindly plants, poor growth and thin leaves. For best growth of tobacco, soil pH should be about 5.8. Poor growth and some growth disorder may occur if the soil pH is about 6.5 more.

In producing transplants, it may be hard to find tobacco seed of the commercial varieties since they are sold only in tobacco-producing areas. However, if seed will be kept under cool and dry conditions, it may retain viability over several years. Commercial varieties of tobacco were developed for certain characteristics that may be of little or no importance to home gardeners. Also, small amount of fertilizers will be needed to produce transplants.

For transplanting, bury or remove trash from the soil surface and provide for drainage by bedding the soil. Make sure rows should be 42-48 inches apart. Water the plants after transplanting and as needed depends on the season or on the place your farm is.



In general, it would be best to apply fertilizer in different applications, it can also be applied before transplanting. The best approach to fertilizing garden tobacco would be to apply fertilizer as needed to keep the plants growing well with a good green color. Of course, use organic fertilizer and pest control to keep the nutrients intact from the tobacco plants. Another benefit from using organic fertilizer and pest control is by keeping your soil more healthy right every harvest.

Topping, or removal of the terminal bud, allows the upper leaves to get larger and thicker than they would in an uptopped condition. The top can be removed by breaking it out or cutting it off, preferably before any flowers open. Soon after the top is removed, and before if topping is delayed, axillary buds or suckers develop at each leaf.



Harvesting can be done by either removing leaves from the stalk in the field and curing these stalk off by hanging in the curing facility for the leaves to cure.


Aging tobacco

Most commercial tobacco are aged for a year or more before it can be used. It may take 5 to 6 years and will not occur unless weather is favorable.

Mighty Corporation To Foster Corporate Social Responsibility

Mighty Corporation has been the oldest filipino-owned tobacco business in the Philippines. They recently added another line of business called Mighty Sports Apparel and Accessories serving all Filipino sports enthusiasts and their team, Mighty Sports.

Since, Mighty Corp. has always been dedicated to their people, they extend help in taking small but necessary steps to help and provide opportunities to less fortunate with the help of around 5,000 volunteers of the Wong Chu king Foundation.

Aside from committing to their social and environmental goodwill as a tobacco company, they are fostering their corporate social responsibility (CSP) in terms of giving donations and financial help to churches. Coming from a devout Catholic family, Mighty Corp. with the Wongchuking family has been providing programs to parishes and dioceses in a number of provinces in the country through WCKF for restoration and rehabilitation work for churches. One of their goals is to keep the historical and cultural value of the establishments that once has been part of Philippine history.

Mighty Corp. also aims for a better future of many Filipinos by encouraging and promoting education and scientific research through scholarship programs, focusing on high school and college and university scholarships.

“The parents of these students are low-income farmers who only produce local products, so you can imagine the positive impact this kind of support has for them.” according to the bishop who commended Mighty Corp.

Other than helping the children of our local farmers, Might Corp. has also lined up their project for farmers in North Luzon for better equipments to make their job easier to do every day. “I’m quite happy about all these projects. It’s a big lift for our farmers, not only in La Union but also the whole of Northern Luzon. This is something very beautiful as the hand tractors and water pumps encourage our farmers to use modern methods of agriculture,” he added.

CSP also aims to create an act that can change and help encourage other people or organization to be better. The implementation of organic pesticide for their farmers and encouraging other local farmers to use natural over chemical has also been one of their campaign to maintain a better environment and healthy soil for all harvest.

The company has many more upcoming plans to increase environmental and social awareness to improve not just the market, but also to focus supporting and maintaining local tobacco industry in good position.

Mighty Sports Conquered 2016 William Jones Cup

From minor leagues to Philippines Commercial Basketball League (PCBL), and finally to William Jones Cup last July 23-21 2016. Mighty Sports have won and taken home the bacon from the 8 participating national basketball teams.

The 2016 William Jones Cup was the 38th staging of William Jones Cup, an international basketball tournament for both men and women. It was held at the Hsinchuang Gymnasium in Taiwan for 14 days including women’s division. Mighty Sports represented the Philippines in replace of the Gilas Cadets who were not able to play for the tournament.

The team started playing at the 2nd day of the tournament on July 24, with the Republic of China Blue. Dewarick Spencer scored 27 points, Hamady N’Diaye and Mike Singletary with 9 rebounds, with Jason Brickman 5 assists. Mighty Sports didn’t win on the first set but was able to draw near the score on the second and third set of the game. Mighty Sports ended the game with a looming score of 89-81.

On the 3rd day of the tournament 25th of July after defeating the Republic of China Blue, Mighty Sports also won against the Republic of Korea (alternate names include Korean National Basketball Team and South Korea). Heo II Young, Kim Jong-Kyu, and Lee Seoung-Hyun scored 11 points, Kang Sang-Jae with 6 rebounds and Heo Hoon with 5 assists which results to Mighty Sports won 3 over 4 set with one draw on the third set. The game ended with scores 86-65 from Mighty Sports and Republic of Korea respectively.

Sacramento State Hornets from California was also defeated by Mighty Sports on the 4th day of the tournament on the 26th of July. Vernon Macklin and Spencer scored 14 points, Singletary with 7 rebounds, and Brickman with 5 assists. On the first, third and fourth set was a tight game from two teams leaving the 2nd set with 31-12 f with a total score of 88-69 for Mighty Sports and Sacramento State Hornets respectively.

On July 27, Day 5 of the tournament, Mighty Sports dealt with Japan national basketball team with close scores of 87-86. With Zach Graham 15 points, N’Diaye 10 rebounds and 5 points-assists from Spence, Mighty Sports was able to win all sets from the game.

On the 6th day of the tournament, Mighty Sports also defeated India national basketball team with 3 winning set and 1 draw. 30 points from Al Thornton, with 10 rebounds and 12 assists from Spencer, leaving India with the total of 81 and 101 for Mighty Sports.

Mighty Sports also defeated the Iranian national basketball team garnering 80-73 respectively. Thornton had 24 points and 10 rebounds, and 5 assists from Spencer.

Day 8 on July 30, Mighty Sports won against Egypt national basketball team with 80-61 respectively with scoring 14-12, 21-16, 17-19, and 28-14. Amr Gendy from Mighty Sports got 24 points and 12 rebounds, with Haytham Kamal and Youssef Shousha’s 3 assists.

A rematch with Chinese national basketball team, Chinese Taipei B also finished by Mighty Sports with scores of 16-30, 17-24, 28-33, 19-17 respectively. Chien You-Che made 18 points, John Florveus with 18 rebounds, and 5 assists from Lee Kai-Yan, leaving with a total game score of 80-104 for Chinese Taipei B and Mighty Sports accordingly.

Mighty Sports won the William Jones Cup with two games leftover, which made their way to the fifth overall championship for the Philippines.

Mighty Sports Team Took Home Silver Medal From 2016 Merlion Cup

After Mighty Sports won the title from the William Jones Cup on July 2016, corporation chief operating officer (COO), Caesar Wongchuking made sure the team has enough rest and preparation to play at the 2016 Merlion Cup hosted in Singapore.

Mighty Sports was invited to be the Philippine representative for the revived Merlion Cup Tournament. Six teams from Asia participated in the 2016 Merlion Cup including Singapore Slingers, Seoul Samsung Thunders, Westports Malaysia Dragons, Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor from Taiwan, Shanghai Sharks from China and Mighty Sports from the Philippines.

2016 Merlion Cup is the 10th edition of the Merlion Cup organized by the Basketball Association of Singapore, which marks the return of the tournament held 2 decades ago. It was held at the OCBC Arena, Kallang Singapore from September 21 to 25.

On the first day of the tournament for groups, Mighty Sports first dealt with the Seoul Samsung Thunders from Korea. The Philippine team didn’t win the first set but still was able to win the game with 87-92 total scores of Seoul Samsung Thunders and Mighty Sports respectively. The second, third, and fourth set were for Mighty Sports with scores of 17-23, 20-22, and 22-26.

On September 23, Mighty Sports was back in action against the Westports Malaysia Dragons. From first to fourth game set, Mighty Sports took the lead with a total score of 105-87.

For the semifinals on the 24th and 25th of September, Mighty Sports win the game against Singapore Slingers giving 72-70 total score with Dewarick Spencer 31 points. After winning from the Slingers, Mighty Sports faced the Shanghai Sharks which made the Philippine team suffered from a heartbreaking 78-77 loss to the Sharks in the final as Jimmy Fredette hit three free throws with no time left.


Fredette who was a former NBA player, called out foul by Alfred Thornton while attempting to do a three-point shot which failed Mighty Sports for the additional title after winning from Jones Cup in Taiwan last July.

2016 Merlion cup top three are Shanghai Sharks got the gold medal and first place, Mighty Sports for second place with a silver medal, and Seoul Samsung Thunders with a bronze medal on third place.

“We stuck to our game plan and it was working for us. It all boiled down to breaks. The Sharks deserved the win,” Mighty Sports head coach Charles Tiu said.

COO Caesar Wongchuking proudly said that not bringing home the gold means failure. According to Wongchuking, the team has successfully brought glory to the country by winning the Jones Cup and finishing second in the Merlion Cup. Mighty Sports organization thanked PBA, Rain or Shine and GlobalPort for their support to Mighty Sports on the game.

“We thank the PBA, and Messrs. Terry Que and Raymund Yu of Rain or Shine, and Rep. Mikee Romero of GlobalPort for their generosity and understanding in allowing Joseph Yeo of the Batang Pier to play in the 2016 Merlion Cup and the Elasto Painters for allowing Jeric Teng to play in the 2016 William Jones Cup,” Caesar Wongchuking said.

“Their commitment to Philippine basketball helped us bring glory to the country by winning the Jones Cup and finishing second in the Merlion Cup,” Wongchuking added.