Mighty Sports Conquered 2016 William Jones Cup

From minor leagues to Philippines Commercial Basketball League (PCBL), and finally to William Jones Cup last July 23-21 2016. Mighty Sports have won and taken home the bacon from the 8 participating national basketball teams.

The 2016 William Jones Cup was the 38th staging of William Jones Cup, an international basketball tournament for both men and women. It was held at the Hsinchuang Gymnasium in Taiwan for 14 days including women’s division. Mighty Sports represented the Philippines in replace of the Gilas Cadets who were not able to play for the tournament.

The team started playing at the 2nd day of the tournament on July 24, with the Republic of China Blue. Dewarick Spencer scored 27 points, Hamady N’Diaye and Mike Singletary with 9 rebounds, with Jason Brickman 5 assists. Mighty Sports didn’t win on the first set but was able to draw near the score on the second and third set of the game. Mighty Sports ended the game with a looming score of 89-81.

On the 3rd day of the tournament 25th of July after defeating the Republic of China Blue, Mighty Sports also won against the Republic of Korea (alternate names include Korean National Basketball Team and South Korea). Heo II Young, Kim Jong-Kyu, and Lee Seoung-Hyun scored 11 points, Kang Sang-Jae with 6 rebounds and Heo Hoon with 5 assists which results to Mighty Sports won 3 over 4 set with one draw on the third set. The game ended with scores 86-65 from Mighty Sports and Republic of Korea respectively.

Sacramento State Hornets from California was also defeated by Mighty Sports on the 4th day of the tournament on the 26th of July. Vernon Macklin and Spencer scored 14 points, Singletary with 7 rebounds, and Brickman with 5 assists. On the first, third and fourth set was a tight game from two teams leaving the 2nd set with 31-12 f with a total score of 88-69 for Mighty Sports and Sacramento State Hornets respectively.

On July 27, Day 5 of the tournament, Mighty Sports dealt with Japan national basketball team with close scores of 87-86. With Zach Graham 15 points, N’Diaye 10 rebounds and 5 points-assists from Spence, Mighty Sports was able to win all sets from the game.

On the 6th day of the tournament, Mighty Sports also defeated India national basketball team with 3 winning set and 1 draw. 30 points from Al Thornton, with 10 rebounds and 12 assists from Spencer, leaving India with the total of 81 and 101 for Mighty Sports.

Mighty Sports also defeated the Iranian national basketball team garnering 80-73 respectively. Thornton had 24 points and 10 rebounds, and 5 assists from Spencer.

Day 8 on July 30, Mighty Sports won against Egypt national basketball team with 80-61 respectively with scoring 14-12, 21-16, 17-19, and 28-14. Amr Gendy from Mighty Sports got 24 points and 12 rebounds, with Haytham Kamal and Youssef Shousha’s 3 assists.

A rematch with Chinese national basketball team, Chinese Taipei B also finished by Mighty Sports with scores of 16-30, 17-24, 28-33, 19-17 respectively. Chien You-Che made 18 points, John Florveus with 18 rebounds, and 5 assists from Lee Kai-Yan, leaving with a total game score of 80-104 for Chinese Taipei B and Mighty Sports accordingly.

Mighty Sports won the William Jones Cup with two games leftover, which made their way to the fifth overall championship for the Philippines.

Mighty Sports Team Took Home Silver Medal From 2016 Merlion Cup

After Mighty Sports won the title from the William Jones Cup on July 2016, corporation chief operating officer (COO), Caesar Wongchuking made sure the team has enough rest and preparation to play at the 2016 Merlion Cup hosted in Singapore.

Mighty Sports was invited to be the Philippine representative for the revived Merlion Cup Tournament. Six teams from Asia participated in the 2016 Merlion Cup including Singapore Slingers, Seoul Samsung Thunders, Westports Malaysia Dragons, Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor from Taiwan, Shanghai Sharks from China and Mighty Sports from the Philippines.

2016 Merlion Cup is the 10th edition of the Merlion Cup organized by the Basketball Association of Singapore, which marks the return of the tournament held 2 decades ago. It was held at the OCBC Arena, Kallang Singapore from September 21 to 25.

On the first day of the tournament for groups, Mighty Sports first dealt with the Seoul Samsung Thunders from Korea. The Philippine team didn’t win the first set but still was able to win the game with 87-92 total scores of Seoul Samsung Thunders and Mighty Sports respectively. The second, third, and fourth set were for Mighty Sports with scores of 17-23, 20-22, and 22-26.

On September 23, Mighty Sports was back in action against the Westports Malaysia Dragons. From first to fourth game set, Mighty Sports took the lead with a total score of 105-87.

For the semifinals on the 24th and 25th of September, Mighty Sports win the game against Singapore Slingers giving 72-70 total score with Dewarick Spencer 31 points. After winning from the Slingers, Mighty Sports faced the Shanghai Sharks which made the Philippine team suffered from a heartbreaking 78-77 loss to the Sharks in the final as Jimmy Fredette hit three free throws with no time left.


Fredette who was a former NBA player, called out foul by Alfred Thornton while attempting to do a three-point shot which failed Mighty Sports for the additional title after winning from Jones Cup in Taiwan last July.

2016 Merlion cup top three are Shanghai Sharks got the gold medal and first place, Mighty Sports for second place with a silver medal, and Seoul Samsung Thunders with a bronze medal on third place.

“We stuck to our game plan and it was working for us. It all boiled down to breaks. The Sharks deserved the win,” Mighty Sports head coach Charles Tiu said.

COO Caesar Wongchuking proudly said that not bringing home the gold means failure. According to Wongchuking, the team has successfully brought glory to the country by winning the Jones Cup and finishing second in the Merlion Cup. Mighty Sports organization thanked PBA, Rain or Shine and GlobalPort for their support to Mighty Sports on the game.

“We thank the PBA, and Messrs. Terry Que and Raymund Yu of Rain or Shine, and Rep. Mikee Romero of GlobalPort for their generosity and understanding in allowing Joseph Yeo of the Batang Pier to play in the 2016 Merlion Cup and the Elasto Painters for allowing Jeric Teng to play in the 2016 William Jones Cup,” Caesar Wongchuking said.

“Their commitment to Philippine basketball helped us bring glory to the country by winning the Jones Cup and finishing second in the Merlion Cup,” Wongchuking added.

Mighty Sports Second Republika Cup

Mighty Sports is the basketball team currently playing in the Pilipinas Commercial Basketball League based in the Philippines managed by Mighty Corporation chief operating officer (COO), Caesar Wongchuking.

Republika Cup is an invitational basketball tournament in Malolos Bulacan as part of the commemoration of the Malolos Convention. The game was sponsored by the Ateneo Falcons men’s basketball team and the Bulacan State University Golden Gear’s basketball team in the Filsports Basketball Association, and the Philippine Dragon Boat Team.

The tournament is part of the annual celebration of Festival of History, Culture, Arts and Heritage celebration of Malolos which is also known as the Fiesta Republic.

Mighty Sports started playing in minor basketball leagues such as Republika Cup. In 2014, the team took home the bacon for the second time over Malolos Republica garnering a close score of 86-84.

The game was led by former PBA player, Kenneth Duremdes with former PBA player Nino Marquez for six points before timeout. Marlou Aquino also came up with 20 points who is also a former PBA star and currently assisting Duremdes at Adamson UAAP.

The game was very closed between Mighty Sports and The Republics, especially during fourth quarter where The Republics carried the momentum with the hotshots Allan Mangahas and Jonathan Fernandez cut the lead to seven going into the final period. With a five-point lead on a 16-4 run in the final minutes of the game, Mighty Sports still made its final push.

Caesar Wongchuking also looks forward to a bigger game for the team after winning and taking home the bacon- Republika Cup title for the second time around. “Sometimes for a team to have a good season needs a little magic. Once you give your players a winning streak that will affect their thinking in such a way that can help them win more difficult matches later” he added.

Mighty Sports Apparel and Accessories Joined PCBL

Caesar Angelo Wongchuking, team representative of Mighty Sports Apparel and Accessories led the big step of Mighty Sports from joining the fledgling league set of Philippine Commercial Basketball League (PCBL) last March 2016.

“We felt that it is time to join the bigger league because of our passion for basketball,” said Wongchuking.

PCBL is a commercial amateur basketball tournament in the Philippines that supports the development and programs for future Filipino basketball players, inspired from the MICAA and the Philippine Basketball League (PBL). The PCBL does not compete with the existing semi-professional leagues that also supports the Philippine basketball, including Filsports Basketball Association (FBA), PBA D-League and planned Countrywide Basketball League (CWBL).

Mighty Sports has started playing from smaller basketball tournaments and has been supporting teams such as Adamson in the UAAP and the Bulacan State University squad in the Filsports Basketball Association. Caesar Wongchuking believes that it’s the right time for the team to carry their own brand to PCBL. “More of passion lang (joining basketball leagues). We also want marketing reach para naman may mapuntahan ‘yung passion namin sa basketball,” he said.

Ravena, a 2016 PBA draft prospect, together with Ty Tang, who came out of retirement in the Philippine Basketball Association, and import Bright Akhuetie are some of the players who retained in the team’s lineup for the Champion’s Cup.

Mighty Sports also appointed Bo Perasol as team consultant, Mike Fermin as head coach and Charles Tiu as assistant coach of the team, which is one of the two new teams that competed in the 2016 PCBL Chairman’s Cup, alongside SCTEX Road Warriors.

Despite Mighty Sports team joined PCBL, Wongchuking said Mighty Sports has no plans to join the PBA yet. “It’s not in our plans. It’s too expensive for us. Amateur, okay na. We felt that joining in the amateur league will give us more mileage,” said Wongchuking.

The 2 Biggest Challenges of Tobacco Industry in 2018

Mighty Corporation is the Philippines’ oldest cigarette maker owned by the Wong Chu King family. It was established as La Campana Fabrica de Tabacos, Inc. in 1945 and renamed as Mighty Corporation in 1985. It’s quite challenging for the Wong Chu Kings’ to overcome challenges because tobacco business is one of the most regulated industry in terms of manufacturing, marketing and selling the product.

A large demographic of smokers are emerging not just in Asia, but also from across the globe. In line with the study, putting investment into tobacco business could be profitable as early as layered down to the consumers through an effective marketing strategy. But there are still challenges you have to eye on before taking the leap.

1. Innovation in cigarettes.

This includes non-combustible nicotine delivery formats or the growing users of electronic cigarettes. Many organizations, groups, and users are switching to the new way of smoking which they consider as “reduced-risk” compared to traditional smoking of cigarettes.

2. Lack of available companies to acquire.

An acquisition is very important for tobacco business as it creates synergy and organic growth for tobacco companies to keep the industry in place.

Stay in the loop of what is trending. Even tobacco industry must be updated with the market. Look forward to “reduced-risk”, non-combustible cigarettes alternatives, such as traditional smokeless tobacco. This will point your business’s direction of cigarette alternatives for new product growth and development.

Always look forward to expanding into areas such as food, lifestyle products. Mighty Corp has opened the line for sports- Might Sports Apparel & Accessories. This will help the brand to maintain its position in the market while improving business life cycle, market opportunities, customer needs and loyalty.

These 2 factors in tobacco industry also apply to any type, size and years of business. For every product or service development, there is also the progress for business. Visual the future through your consumers’ vision and create a plan for it.

This was first published at Caesar Wongchuking’s blog.

Mighty Corp: A Year Dedicated to Farmers

The Filipino-owned tobacco company, Mighty Corporation wants to preserve and establish goals mainly for Filipino community by buying a larger share of the low-grade tobacco leaves at good prices. Over three million tobacco farmers have increased their yield in the North Luzon provinces.

Mighty Corporation share of the domestic market has increased from a minimal 5% in 2012 to 20% in 2013. Which will make them need to hire millions of local tobacco farmers.

“We have earned our fair share of the market by making quality but affordable cigarettes that were smartly packaged, creatively and ingenious sold to the mass market. That is the secret of our success in breaking the cigarette monopoly in this country and we’re mighty proud of our modest success coming from a homegrown and Filipino-owned cigarette company”

“With a bigger share of Mighty Corp in the market today, we are giving the tobacco farmers a fair share of our success by offering competitive prices to their crops,

“Last year alone, we have bought even the low-priced tobacco leaves. Had Mighty Corp not done that, it would have created a great economic dislocation for tobacco farmers,” said Barrientos, who also serves as Mighty Corporation’s spokesperson.

Barrientos also added that aside from helping the farmers, it is also to improve economic growth by paying more than 8 billion in excise taxes. And currently, Might Corp. employed more than 2,000 factory workers.

For expanding Might Corp.’s corporate social responsibility (CSR), they will provide irrigation pumps, mini tractors, and scholarship grants. They also want to bring up confidence from their farmers that without them, tobacco business wouldn’t not be successful. They planned an event annually for awarding of outstanding farmers in cooperation with National Tobacco Administrations.

Might Corporation would like to establish progress and developments every year for improvements in market share and help hundreds of thousands of tobacco leaf growers’ workers.

Mighty Corporation: No To Chemical Pesticides

Mighty Corporation has switched from promoting chemical to organic-based pesticides in order to help local tobacco farmers increase their income, and protect the environment at the same time.

Organic pesticides are also proven to be better for the soil. Chemical pesticides can abuse the land and may affect future generations. Using organic pesticides will also help lessen the expense from buying vitamins of the soil because of its natural source of nutrients- creating more room for business’ and farmers’ income.

The nicotine in the tobacco plant has been used on crops as a natural insecticide and has been proven to be safe with no health and environmental risks compared to chemical-based pesticides.

There are also studies that show organic tobacco can also be used as natural pesticides against insects as aphids, leaf rollers, and stem borers.

Below are some of the notable advantages of a business by using organic pesticides:

Inexpensive – Aside from its effectiveness, organic-based pesticides are also cheaper compare to chemical pesticides. Its main ingredients are not hard to find and always available in the market.

Risk-free- By re-assuring that your tobacco products (or any plant) does not contain any chemical pesticides, there will be no health risk for your farmers and in the community upon producing or processing harvest.

Non-Toxic- All organic substances do not contain any toxins as these are all-natural, human and animal healthy friendly.

As a tobacco manufacturer, Mighty Corporation is looking forward to producing products that will not harm the environment. Alex Wongchuking said he also wants the best quality of tobacco harvest for Mighty Corp. He also added that in order to make the people start taking care of the environment, acting on our own is the first step.

Other than getting good quality harvest, part of Wongchuking’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) is to address an environmental issue in using chemical pesticides, not just in the tobacco industry but also for all types of plants.

With a continuous coordination from National Tobacco Administration (NTA), Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) of the Department of Agriculture (DA) and University of the Philippines in Los Baños, Laguna (UPLB), Might Corp. is looking forward for a more positive outcome and future from the tobacco industry in the Philippines.

Reasons Why You Should Work for a Tobacco Company

Tobacco has never been controversial than it is today. Mighty Corporation under the governance of Alexander Wongchuking, is a Filipino-owned tobacco company who helped many unemployed Filipinos for many years. But there are doubtful questions if they should take jobs with companies that they considered to be socially irresponsible for letting the people smoke more.

According to research, 1.2 million are being employed within manufacturing, 40 million from harvest and process of tobacco leaf, and 20 more billion in home industries. The rest are in tobacco-related processes, distribution, sales and promotion showing a 100 million of workers in the tobacco industry.

Wong Chu King Foundation

Through Mighty Corporation social arm – Wongchuking foundation donated medicines to the Our Lady of Peace Mission Hospital Foundation in order to continuously run their medical mission to unfortunate families in Parañaque City.

Hapag-Asa Integrated Nutrition Program of Assisi Development Foundation was also funded by WCKF to successfully provide nutritional needs for more than 8 million children all over the Philippines.

Wong Chu King Foundation

In addition, WCKF partnered with the UP College of Law Class of 1978 and the Payatas Orione Foundation Inc. for a nutrition program catering malnourished children in Quezon City.

Thinking about it explicitly is well worth doing at any stage of your career. And choosing an organization should be based on how the company/management see their people and how they respond to their responsibility as a business. Below are the reasons why you should work in the tobacco industry:

1. Tobacco companies sell legal products in a much more regulated ways. One sample are the numbers of organization and companies selling food and beverages illegally, resulting to food poison and hospitality of some end users.

2. Tobacco companies actively promote anti-smoking campaigns.

3. Tobacco companies spends millions on research to reduce risk and harmful effects of their products.

4. Tobacco companies supports more organization including hospitals for smoking related cases.

Mighty Corporation with the Wongchuking foundation will continue supporting and donating funds for their corporate social responsibility and to grow more successfully in the business.

Mighty Corporation Conserves Historical Churches

The Wong Chu King Foundation (WCKF) is a non-government organization and a social arm program of the Filipino-owned tobacco company, Mighty Corporation. Their project is focused on providing funds and help for apostolic work and Catholic education.


Mighty Corporation Helps Conserve Historical Churches
Sacred Heart Chapel of the Senior High School for Xavier School


Aside from their support to San Juan City by funding the city’s big educational projects and program, WCKF is also dedicated to conserving historic churches in the Philippines, including the Sacred Heart Chapel of the Senior High School for Xavier School.

The chapel is devoted “in loving memory of the friendship” of Mr. Wong Chu King, patriarch of the family that formed the Wong Chu King Foundation, and Jesuit priests Jean Desautels and Ismael Zuloaga. “This project is our way of honoring our father’s friendship with the Jesuit community and paying forward for the excellent education we received from the school,” said Alex Wongchuking, Wong Chu King Foundation executive director, and Caesar’s elder brother.


Alexander Wongchuking, Director and Vice President of Mighty Corp at Sta. Rosa de Lima Parish

Sta. Rosa de Lima Parish

Another one that has been refurbished by WCKF is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines, the Sta. Rosa de Lima Parish in Barangay Annafunan West in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan province. The church has been granted a new roof, trusses, and ceiling under the governance of parish priest, Fr. Fredel Agatep.


Diocesan Shrine of the Immaculate Conception of Mary
Diocesan Shrine of the Immaculate Conception of Mary

Diocesan Shrine of the Immaculate Conception of Mary

One of their successful projects is the renovation of the largest church in Cavite, the historic Diocesan Shrine of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. Mrs. Wongchuking insists additional support to Fr. Virgilio Saenz- Mendoza’s personal project on completely restoring outer walls of the church. Wongchuking said the church has always been near to the hearts of the Wongchuking family and all WCKF board officers and members since Nelia Dy Wongchuking, the president and chair of the board was born in Naic and has her traces her roots to the town and its church.

According to Alex Wongchuking, churches play an important role in the Philippine history which stand as a mute witness to the martyrdom of the defenders of the Philippine freedom and nationhood.

Mighty Corp. and WCKF goodwills are to uphold the Philippine history, as they stand and live as a Filipino company and organization.

10 Rules of Long-Term Business Success

Running your own business takes sacrifices, especially when you’re managing a family business. My Wongchuking family knows that very well and has built a strong foundation for our venture —Mighty Corporation. If you have a business or just starting to build one, here are 10 pieces of advice you should stick with to succeed.

These 10 rules are based on my decades-long experience as the head of Mighty Corp and being a member of Wongchuking, a clan of businesspeople and philanthropists.

1. Foresee the future and create a plan for it.

One of the biggest problems facing companies is how to plan for the future. What to invest in and where to place bets. We may not have the ability to predict the future but we can study and analyze it based on trends and what we have right now.

2. Always work in harmony.

Business can only do well and last longer if you have harmony and you can work well together with family members and other people.

3. Always choose the right path.

If you’re afraid to risk and undergo hardships even when you know that it can help your business grow, you’re not walking on the right path. When making choices, keep in mind that succession should always be based on meritocracy.

4. Keep the patience, ignite the perseverance.

There should be a high degree of patience and perseverance. It is like courting a girl, a lot of patience is required. And ignite determination in every step of your way.

5. Have faith and be confident.

Faith is important to any business or profession because faith gives you spiritual development and direction. Meaning, faith keeps you cool all the time, whatever happens to your business, profession or life.

6. Take care of one’s people.

Mighty Corp‘s success is also because of very prudent and very dedicated people around us and we respect them just as how much they give respect to us.

7. Respect your elders.

In business, our Wongchuking family also adhere to a Confucian reflection by offering love, respect, support, and deference to one’s parents and other elders in our family.

8. Be innovative.

We always have to make sure that Mighty Corp will have its innovation every year by modernizing manufacturing equipment, and in addition to our line is the Mighty Sports Apparel and Accessories.

9. Be compassionate.

Goodwill is vital to a long-term success of any business. It strengthens your business connection, opens and create opportunities for expansion in business.

10. Stay focused.

Allotting time, money and energy to multiple tasks can slow down or interfere to your focus to execute well. You have to organize everything based on what should be the priority.


Mighty Corporation will surely have a long way to walk through, challenges to overcome and people to meet. Success doesn’t just come and find you, you have to go out and find it.


This article was published first at Alexander Wongchuking’s blog.