Mighty Corporation Tips to Success

The Philippine tobacco industry is not a place for companies who lack strategy and a competitive drive. Many have tried, many have failed. Mostly due to family or financial problems.

Today, the Philippine tobacco industry amass up to P150 Billion per year. It serves as the top source of national government taxes for Philhealth, education and other social services.  However, only a few companies are part of the industry’s success and only a few enjoys its perks and privileges.

One of these firm companies is Mighty Corp, the country’s oldest Filipino-owned cigarette manufacturer. The company has been rising in the local market, increasing its market share from 3 percent in 2012 to nearly 20 percent in 2013.

So what made Mighty Corp. the cigarette-manufacturer monster it is today? The company finally shares the secrets behind their overflowing success.

  1. Anticipate future trends and adjust. Wongchuking said that when he was an assistant sales manager of their company from 1983 to 1985, he noticed the changing fashion in local smoking, as well as how the new tax system was killing the local cigarette segment. So the company decided to adjust to these factors. They developed Virginia-tobacco type cigarettes in 1985,and changed the company and brand name to “Mighty.”
  1. Preservation is basically harmony. Wongchuking stated that a little harmony between the families in a family business wouldn’t hurt. “If you have family harmony and you can work well together with family members and other people.”
  1. Succession should be based on meritocracy. Selecting the successor should be based on who is the most qualified. Same with the selection of executives and managers.
  1. Perseverance. Wongchuking stated that perseverance and a high-degree of patience is needed to attain success. “There should be a high degree of patience and perseverance. It is like courting a girl, a lot of patience is required.”
  1. Faith. As a devotee of Our Lady of Piat, the Virgin Mary shrine in Cagayan province, Wongchuking said that faith is needed in order to run a company with a proper mindset. “Faith is important to business or the profession, because faith gives you spiritual development and direction. Meaning, faith keeps you cool all the time, whatever happens to our business, profession or life.”

  2. People. Wongchuking praises the people behind Mighty Corp.’s success, which he describes as “very prudent and very dedicated.” He touched on the importance of taking care of your people in order to strengthen teamwork.

  3. Filial piety. The Wongchuking family believes in total obedience to parents and family elders. Alex Wongchuking said that one factor behind the company’s success is their firm belief in their 87-year-old mother, Nelia Dy Wongchuking.
  4. Hard work. Alex said that there is no substitute for hard work. According to him, he and his siblings go beyond the normal eight-hour shift per day. Even spending their weekends on work.

  5. Innovation. The company always seek to innovate. They modernized their manufacturing equipment for improved quality and increased yield production. Their father also bought a bigger factory in Malolos, Bulacan.

  6. Philanthropy. The company has always given something to the people as a way of remembering their hardworking, simple-living father, Wong Chu King. Their patriarch had no chance to finish high school or college. As a way of honoring him, the company’s foundation supports educational scholarships for three sets of beneficiaries: the kids of company employees, the kids of non-employees who are deserving students and need help, and also for children of rural tobacco farmers who want to study agriculture in college.
  1. Humility. Alex believes that humility is one factor to achieve success. “There should be an element of self-denial,” he said.
  2. Focus. He also believes on the importance of “concentrating on your core business.”

  3. Have only one family. Alex believes that being loyal and faithful to your spouse is also a factor to achieving success. “Having only one family is crucial for genuine success, because if one has too many families, that is a sure recipe for chaos and for nonstop family quarrels, “he said.

  4. Destiny. Alex explains his take on “destiny.” He responded, “Destiny is key to success, just like in the Bible. When God called Jeremiah to become a prophet, he said ‘No, I’m a shy person.’ But God said to him, ‘Before you were born, you were already destined to become a prophet.’ It became true, Jeremiah became a good prophet, naging madaldal (he became eloquent). Read the Bible, Jeremiah Chapter 1:4.”


Mighty Corporation Reveal Secrets to Success

The country’s oldest Filipino-owned cigarette manufacturer is here to share their secrets to achieving success.

Having their market share increase from 3 percent in 2012 to 20 percent in 2013, the company quickly emerged as one of the top players in the local tobacco industry.

The company spills 14 of their secrets to inspire and guide people who are looking to start their own business or company.

  1. Anticipate future trends and adjust.
  2. Preservation is basically harmony.
  3. Succession should be based on meritocracy.
  4. Perseverance.
  5. Faith.
  6. People.
  7. Filial piety.
  8. Hard work.
  9. Innovation.
  10. Philanthropy.
  11. Humility.
  12. Focus.
  13. Have only one family.
  14. Destiny.

As you can see, rather than giving concrete ways or formulas to achieve success. Alex Wongchuking shares what a successful mindset should contain.

The person looking to achieve success should learn to adjust to different environments. Anticipating future trends will help you guide your company well and be prepared for other factors that might come in. He should also look to work hard and never lose patience since success can’t be rushed. Perseverance helps you achieve your goal faster while innovation distinguishes you from the others. Finally, focusing on your goal and how you can improve your practices will be a big factor towards achieving success. Not only will it help you and your company grow, but it will also teach you to manage your time and efforts efficiently.

To complement the proper mindset, cleansing your soul and having the proper attitude towards work and other aspects of the company should also be looked into. The person seeking to achieve success should learn how to put their family first and find harmony in it. He should also put faith in his beliefs. Also, believing in destiny to some extent wouldn’t hurt. Lastly, showing some humility and giving back to the people should be practiced. This is not to expect something in return, but to give gratitude for all the blessings that enter your life.

These practices shared by Alex Wongchuking are only some ways you can use to start achieving success. You can also develop your own ways to achieve success.

How Mighty became the Philippines’ oldest cigarette firm

Not many family-owned and managed businesses last beyond the lifetimes of their founders, often disintegrating either due to family squabbles or internal decline. A century ago and even up to the mid-20th century, the Philippines had many cigarette manufacturers but most of them have become extinct. Why?

Today, the Philippine cigarette industry rakes in P150 billion per year and is a top source of national government taxes for Philhealth, education and other social services. A “hidden champion” has quietly emerged in recent years, with the oldest Filipino-owned cigarette firm Mighty Corporation — owned by the Wongchuking family since its founding in 1945 — increasing its two-percent market share in 2000 to now approximately 20 percent.

Mighty Corp. has a philanthropic arm called the Wong Chu King Foundation, which honors the business founder, focusing mainly on educational, civic and religious charities. The foundation will celebrate is 36th anniversary on March 30 by inaugurating a church at Our Lady of Piat in Cagayan and also donating a new water tank to supply 240 households in Piat.

Check the exclusive interview of Alex “Kokoy” Dy Wongchuking on The Philippine STAR.

Mighty Corporation teamed up with Local Farmers to Use Organic Pesticides

Mighty Corporation encourage domestic farmers to go organic. As they urge to minimize the use of chemical-based pesticides.

Mighty Corp. executive told that teamed up was part of the company’s corporate social responsibilities thrust.  He also added that the number of farmers who use chemical-based pesticides are slowly decreasing while the amount of organic-based pesticides users are growing.

In addition to a much greener future, this movement will also increase the income of domestic farmers and will slowly extinguish the use of chemical-based pesticides in our country.

Mighty Corp. is in efforts with National Tobacco Administration (NTA), Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) of the Department of Agriculture (DA) and University of the Philippines in Los Baños, Laguna (UPLB) to support this cause.

Mighty Corporation Increases Purchase of Tobacco

Mighty Corporation announced that it will substantially increase its tobacco purchase from domestic farmers nationwide.

This allowed Mighty Corporation to compete in the local market with equal footing.

According to Mighty Corporation’s vice president, this move also showed Mighty Corp.’s commitment to help domestic tobacco farmers nationwide. He also added that the company’s actions allowed it to grow into a stronger and more competent industry player.

Mighty Corporation Collaborates with Local Farmers

Mighty Corp. collaborates with farmers up north in hopes of making a new major player in the tobacco industry.

The Vice President of Mighty Corp. stated that the company already asked the permission of the National Tobacco Administration for the substantial increase of their tobacco purchase as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

“We are grateful and we are looking forward to the firm commitments of Mighty Corporation to help the 65,000 strong tobacco farmers in the Philippines with their pronouncements this year to purchase 10-million kilograms of tobacco leaves and the P10-million outreach projects for tobacco farmers,”  Said the representative of the NTA.

He claimed that more farmers are now glad that their tobacco will be more profitable in the local market.

“Now that we are assured of an alternative market, besides other tobacco companies, our members will again be inspired to devote larger areas to the cultivation of Ilocandia’s most important cash crop,” he said.

Mighty Corporation Celebrates Outstanding Corporation Award

Mighty Corp. will welcome this year’s national management congress with well-deserved Outstanding Corporation Award.

Philcoman Research Institute (PCMRI) will hold this year’s congress in a simple celebration to honor awardees of the Outstanding Corporation of the year Award and the Outstanding Management Leadership Award of the year. In addition, the national congress will also witness the oath-taking of its newest members.

In an interview with the spokesperson of PCMRI, this year’s congress will focus more on saving funds for much greater uses.

“We opted to hold a simple rite so that funds and other resources we can save can be channeled to research and further studies of important issues in politics, economics, sociology and national security.”

The PCMRI is a federation of professional and technological societies, management developments, institutions, academe, business enterprises and professional managers dedicated to the development of management and improvement of its practices.

Mighty Corp. Focuses on their Corporate Social Responsibility

Mighty Corp. has been commended for helping the church to spread the faith in the Philippines and for prioritizing apostolic works and education in its programs and projects.

“The parents of these students are low-income farmers producing only for local consumption,” the bishop said. “So you can imagine the positive impact this kind of support has for them.” according to the bishop who commended Mighty Corp.

He also commended Mighty Corp. for their project to help organized tobacco farmers of North Luzon.

“I’m quite happy about all these projects. It’s a big lift for our farmers, not only in La Union but also the whole of Northern Luzon,” He said. “This is something very beautiful as the hand tractors and water pumps encourage our farmers to use modern methods of agriculture.”

Filipino-owned cigarette maker Mighty Corp received the Outstanding Corporation of the Year Award

Philcoman Research Institute (PCMRI) will hold this year’s National Management Congress in a much simpler ceremony. The 40th celebration of the event will honor recipients of the Outstanding Corporation of the year Award, Outstanding Management Leadership Award of the year, and the oath-taking of new members.

According to PCMRI Congress chairman Dr. Pedrito Salvador, the event will be held on December 10 and will be attended by government officials and members of the academe and the private sector.

“We opted to hold a simple rite so that funds and other resources we can save can be channeled to research and further studies of important issues in politics, economics, sociology and national security,” the chairman said.

The PCMRI is a federation of professional and technological societies, management developments, institutions, academe, business enterprises and professional managers dedicated to the development of management and improvement of its practices.

Mighty Corporation, a Filipino company, will receive the Outstanding Corporation Award for 70 years’ worth of service.

Mighty Corp. Urges the Use of Organic-Based Pesticides

The use of chemical-based pesticides has been common in the fields of our country. Not only is this harmful for the environment, local farmers also lose loads of income by using these kinds of pesticides.

In order to decrease the reliance of farmers on chemical-based pesticides, Mighty Corp. urges local tobacco farmers to use organic-based pesticides. According to the company, this will substantially increase the income of local tobacco farmers while also helping save the environment.

Statistics show that more and more farmers are leaning towards the use of organic-based pesticides than chemical-based ones.

The company is continually cooperating with the National Tobacco Administration (NTA), Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) of the Department of Agriculture (DA) and University of the Philippines in Los Baños, Laguna (UPLB) to support this cause.