Mighty Corp. Increases Tobacco Purchase from Farmers Up North

Local cigarette manufacturer Mighty Corp. vows to increase their tobacco purchase and help increase the production of local farmers from up north.

According to the president of Mighty Corp., the company’s domestic market share has significantly increased throughout the years.

Now, the company wants to return the favor, aiming to help increase the production and income of local farmers.

“We have earned our fair share of the market by making affordable cigarettes sold to the mass market. We’re proud of our modest success coming from a home-grown and Filipino-owned cigarette company,” the president said

“With a bigger share of Mighty Corp. in the market today, we are giving the tobacco farmers a fair share of our success by offering competitive prices to their crops.”, he added.

“Last year, we have bought even the low-priced tobacco leaves. Had Mighty Corp. not done that, it would have created a problem for tobacco farmers,” he claimed.

“We are happy to offer better prices to tobacco farmers and are willing to tie-up with the Department of Agriculture and the National Tobacco Administration to cement our partnership with the farmers.”

He claims that aside from helping millions of farmers all over the country, the company also helps the country grow through its taxes.

“Our contribution is in the form of taxes, which helps in the development of the country. We also employed more factory workers. Now, we have more than 2,000,” he said.

“As far as CSR is concerned, we will have irrigation pumps in their area and provide mini tractors. This will come in the form of grant. We will have scholarship grants,” he said.