Mighty Corporation: No To Chemical Pesticides

Mighty Corporation has switched from promoting chemical to organic-based pesticides in order to help local tobacco farmers increase their income, and protect the environment at the same time.

Organic pesticides are also proven to be better for the soil. Chemical pesticides can abuse the land and may affect future generations. Using organic pesticides will also help lessen the expense from buying vitamins of the soil because of its natural source of nutrients- creating more room for business’ and farmers’ income.

The nicotine in the tobacco plant has been used on crops as a natural insecticide and has been proven to be safe with no health and environmental risks compared to chemical-based pesticides.

There are also studies that show organic tobacco can also be used as natural pesticides against insects as aphids, leaf rollers, and stem borers.

Below are some of the notable advantages of a business by using organic pesticides:

Inexpensive – Aside from its effectiveness, organic-based pesticides are also cheaper compare to chemical pesticides. Its main ingredients are not hard to find and always available in the market.

Risk-free- By re-assuring that your tobacco products (or any plant) does not contain any chemical pesticides, there will be no health risk for your farmers and in the community upon producing or processing harvest.

Non-Toxic- All organic substances do not contain any toxins as these are all-natural, human and animal healthy friendly.

As a tobacco manufacturer, Mighty Corporation is looking forward to producing products that will not harm the environment. Alex Wongchuking said he also wants the best quality of tobacco harvest for Mighty Corp. He also added that in order to make the people start taking care of the environment, acting on our own is the first step.

Other than getting good quality harvest, part of Wongchuking’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) is to address an environmental issue in using chemical pesticides, not just in the tobacco industry but also for all types of plants.

With a continuous coordination from National Tobacco Administration (NTA), Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) of the Department of Agriculture (DA) and University of the Philippines in Los Baños, Laguna (UPLB), Might Corp. is looking forward for a more positive outcome and future from the tobacco industry in the Philippines.