Mighty Corporation Reveal Secrets to Success

The country’s oldest Filipino-owned cigarette manufacturer is here to share their secrets to achieving success.

Having their market share increase from 3 percent in 2012 to 20 percent in 2013, the company quickly emerged as one of the top players in the local tobacco industry.

The company spills 14 of their secrets to inspire and guide people who are looking to start their own business or company.

  1. Anticipate future trends and adjust.
  2. Preservation is basically harmony.
  3. Succession should be based on meritocracy.
  4. Perseverance.
  5. Faith.
  6. People.
  7. Filial piety.
  8. Hard work.
  9. Innovation.
  10. Philanthropy.
  11. Humility.
  12. Focus.
  13. Have only one family.
  14. Destiny.

As you can see, rather than giving concrete ways or formulas to achieve success. Alex Wongchuking shares what a successful mindset should contain.

The person looking to achieve success should learn to adjust to different environments. Anticipating future trends will help you guide your company well and be prepared for other factors that might come in. He should also look to work hard and never lose patience since success can’t be rushed. Perseverance helps you achieve your goal faster while innovation distinguishes you from the others. Finally, focusing on your goal and how you can improve your practices will be a big factor towards achieving success. Not only will it help you and your company grow, but it will also teach you to manage your time and efforts efficiently.

To complement the proper mindset, cleansing your soul and having the proper attitude towards work and other aspects of the company should also be looked into. The person seeking to achieve success should learn how to put their family first and find harmony in it. He should also put faith in his beliefs. Also, believing in destiny to some extent wouldn’t hurt. Lastly, showing some humility and giving back to the people should be practiced. This is not to expect something in return, but to give gratitude for all the blessings that enter your life.

These practices shared by Alex Wongchuking are only some ways you can use to start achieving success. You can also develop your own ways to achieve success.