Reasons Why You Should Work for a Tobacco Company

Tobacco has never been controversial than it is today. Mighty Corporation under the governance of Alexander Wongchuking, is a Filipino-owned tobacco company who helped many unemployed Filipinos for many years. But there are doubtful questions if they should take jobs with companies that they considered to be socially irresponsible for letting the people smoke more.

According to research, 1.2 million are being employed within manufacturing, 40 million from harvest and process of tobacco leaf, and 20 more billion in home industries. The rest are in tobacco-related processes, distribution, sales and promotion showing a 100 million of workers in the tobacco industry.

Wong Chu King Foundation

Through Mighty Corporation social arm – Wongchuking foundation donated medicines to the Our Lady of Peace Mission Hospital Foundation in order to continuously run their medical mission to unfortunate families in ParaƱaque City.

Hapag-Asa Integrated Nutrition Program of Assisi Development Foundation was also funded by WCKF to successfully provide nutritional needs for more than 8 million children all over the Philippines.

Wong Chu King Foundation

In addition, WCKF partnered with the UP College of Law Class of 1978 and the Payatas Orione Foundation Inc. for a nutrition program catering malnourished children in Quezon City.

Thinking about it explicitly is well worth doing at any stage of your career. And choosing an organization should be based on how the company/management see their people and how they respond to their responsibility as a business. Below are the reasons why you should work in the tobacco industry:

1. Tobacco companies sell legal products in a much more regulated ways. One sample are the numbers of organization and companies selling food and beverages illegally, resulting to food poison and hospitality of some end users.

2. Tobacco companies actively promote anti-smoking campaigns.

3. Tobacco companies spends millions on research to reduce risk and harmful effects of their products.

4. Tobacco companies supports more organization including hospitals for smoking related cases.

Mighty Corporation with the Wongchuking foundation will continue supporting and donating funds for their corporate social responsibility and to grow more successfully in the business.